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Our website like any other site uses cookies. These are data files that are stored on the hard drive of the computer or device with which you access our site.

These files exchange status information between our site and your browser. This information may reveal means of session identification, means of authentication, user preferences; as well as any other data stored by your browser.

Cookies allow us to monitor the behavior of a user. We use the information obtained to optimize the browsing experience and personalize our site so that it is optimally presented in your browser.

Cookies are NOT malicious software and DO NOT steal personal data.

Although your browser automatically accepts cookies and allows the automatic collection of information, you always have the option to change the default settings and manage your preferences. In all cases, you can reject cookies partially or totally. Please note that if you disable cookies, our site will not load properly.

The most common categories of cookies are:

TECHNIQUES. Cookies necessary for the operation of a website.

PREFERENCES. Cookies that allow the user to access the website with predefined functionalities such as language, browser, geographical settings, etc.

SECURITY. Cookies to help identify and prevent security risks.

PERFORMANCE. Cookies that collect information about how users interact with our website in order to improve it.

ANALYSIS. Cookies that allow us to understand how users interact with our site in order to profiling preferences.

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