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To my family as always. My parents are extraordinary beings whose example of love, kindness, nobility, honesty, intelligence, hard work and effort is fascinating. And that’s how my sisters inherited it, who are extraordinary beings too. And in turn, that’s how my lovely nephews received it. My family is a privilege. Knowing and enjoying them gives me certainty that my path will be eternally accompanied by their light, warmth and magic.

Alicia, hermanita. You took the joy with you. We miss you and a huge blank still here. You left behind two brave girls who become great students and today are two graduated women of whom you would be tremendously proud. Those girls have your nobility and strength. The years have been passed and the pain diminishes but the nostalgia grows. Thank you for the time and joy that you share with us. Someday we will see you again…



I appreciate the inspiration of people I did not know. It is difficult to explain, but his legacy did not inspire my photography but my life. They represent the greatness of the human spirit:

Buddha. Socrates. Confucius. Mahoma. Jesus. Dalai Lama. Gandhi. Newton. Galileo. Aristotle. Darwin. Copernicus. Plato. Beethoven. Descartes. Einstein. Luther King. Ashoka. Da Vinci. Bach. Miguel Angel. Mozart. Shakespeare. Picasso. Dali. Gutenberg.

Giordano Bruno. Baruch Spinoza. Martin Luther. Saint Thomas Aquinas. Carl Jung. Stephen Hawking. Carl Sagan. Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Nelson Mandela. Lao Tse. Desmond Tutu. Matthieu Ricard. Florence Nightingale. Marie Curie.



Robert Smith, Greta Thunberg, Sylvia A. Earle, Carola Rackete, Malala, Emmeline Pankhurst, Frida Kahlo. Megan Rapinoe, Angela Merkel, Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi, Jim Morrison, Captain Paul Watson, Kurt Cobain, Alex Honnold, Felix Baumgartner, Ayrton Senna, Bill Gates, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Wim Wenders, Gabriel García Márquez, David Lynch, Paul Eluard, HP Lovecraft, Edgard Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Mary Wollstonecraft, Lord Byron, Joan Miró, Slavoj Zizek, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Hermann Hesse, Jean Baudrillard, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Harry Houdini, Fernando Vallejo, Stan Lee, Edward Snowden, Lizzie Velasquez, Lady D, Luis Buñuel, Paul Eluard, André Bretón, Man Ray, Federico García Lorca, Arthur C. Clarke. Ray Bradbury.

Tom Cruise for every Mission Imposible movie. Daniel Craig for every James Bond movie… definitely the best 007 ever !!!



To all women. The feminine essence has been fundamental in my life and in my work.

It has been great enjoying their nature and company in both aspects:

In a personal way, some left a vibrant legacy of love, complicity, affaire and friendship. I’m in debt since they always gave more than they receive. I’m grateful for so many moments that seemed circumstantial but that finally transcended into powerful, fundamental, passionate and unforgettable memories. His companion, smile, voice, skin, smell, affection and sight. Brief moments as endless. That’s exactly how life is.

In my photo work; I have been fortunate to enjoy its beauty. That unique mix between body soul and personality. That wonderful essence that makes them simultaneously sensitive, sexual, powerful and vulnerable. I’m feminist because it is the logical consequence of knowing them. And it’s a shame that a camera can’t capture her independence, intelligence, bravery, and strength. But my memory did. Over the years I photographed hundreds of women and the irony is that they always left much more than just photographs.



Lizette. Always you. After 20 years you still here … without being. Your name is the first on this list. When Im gone, probably your name will be the last on my lips. And on my mind… You inspired my Derrière project without posing for me. Today you are the inspiration for that explosive, bright and playful emotion that sparks incessantly between my head and heart. Miss your breath, your lips and your whisper when you close to me. IWTFYH.

Fernanda, a model as extraordinary as ephemeral. Your nudity was overwhelming, innocent, bold and mysterious. Your body was perfect in geometry and geography. A delicious landscape on every inch. Your skin was silk. Your smile was sunshine. Your face was a dream on. Your booty drives me nuts. Behind the camera hours seems to be seconds. The angel wings outfit truly fit you all. You were a Goddess between Venus and Aphrodite. Your photos still my all-time favorites. The pencil draw I made of you is the best I have ever done.



Almita. For your nobility, your goodness and for so many years of love and patience. For the trips and support me. I still miss that universe of little habits. The Champions League Hymn always refresh your smile on me. That smile on that New York photograph that always was quite to make me sad. Your happiness was always more important than mine. I’m so happy inside when I imagine when you dance, sing and smile. I make your dreams mine…

Melisa. For that little piece of Prague that you carry with you and share only with me. For agreeing that the best place in the world is tiny… and yet there was room for you, me, insanity and madness. For shouting poetry furiously from the balcony at night, for hanging words in the wind to paint the moon. Someday we will jump into that red air balloon and fly it into the Paris night. Dress and tuxedo. Wine and tears. Verlaine. Such a strange girl.



To unforgettable funny models; Daria Lighten. Evita Lima. Venice. Jeff Milton. Chanel Fenn. Giulia.

Ellie Leen, Sensualica, Reislin, Emma Kottos. Awesome !!!

Lily Rader 🍑. Sharon White 🍑. 

To unique, independent, brave and defiant women; Luna Lovely, Alex Coal, Daisy Stone, Diana Grace.

Sierra Egan. Just because Boutine LA. The way your wear it and the way you walk it…

Derrion Keller and Natalie Roush.

Natasha T. Love the fist and the apple dispenser trick…

To all the models that have been send me belfies all along mi career 😉



Beauty is relative but since I am a photographer I have been inspired by many women. My all time TOP 10 is: Ana de Armas, Jennifer Conelly, Kiko Mizuhara, Rhianna, Mélanie Laurent, Monica Bellucci, Samara Weaving, Aishwarya Rai, Vanessa Kirby and Olga Kurylenko.

I also have been inspire by images have more than photographers. However, I recognize the influence of Hervé Lewis, Filippo Sano, Frank de Mulder and Guido Argentini.


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