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I have social networks although there is no information on them. In mid-2020, Instagram deleted my account «for repeated violations of its nude policies.» Similarly, YouTube canceled my account for the same reasons. Simultaneously with this site, I will have a new official YouTube account and I will reactivate my personal Instagram as an official account.

I don’t post on Facebook but I do occasionally have Twitter activity. I have TikTok but far from activity at the moment. Actually, many of my social accounts exist simply because otherwise my name or brand is used illegally. On the other hand, I consider that the current use of social networks has changed from a valuable tool to a dark chapter of our civilization.

So, the truth is that I’m not able to explode something that I don’t believe in.

The time that I save from social networks, is the time that I invest in get a life.

Life is meet people. Feel hearts. Share a smile. Look into their eyes. Live real Life.













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