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I am in continuous search for models. I have a wide variety of projects where you can participate. Projects are always different. There are models to whom I only photograph specific parts of the body such as the eyes or booty. Sometimes I require models that have tattoos, models with scars, etc. Sometimes for fashion sessions and sometimes for nude.

I do not impose any project. The rule to work with me is good humor, disposition and above all comply with the keyword: comfort. All my models must be fully convinced and comfortable with the project. They must have happy mood and initiative to undertake the project. If the model is not convinced, safe or comfortable; I simply cannot work with her.

If you are interested in knowing my projects or proposing one for you, please look for me through the contact interface.





If you are interested in a TFP exchange or collaborate in any of my photographic projects, you are welcome to contact me. I share 50-50% the profits from certain projects.

Please read carefully:

  1. This opportunity is for adults only. If you are underage, you SHOULD NOT contact me. To book a meeting I always request in advance official ID as proof of age.
  1. ALL my TFP projects photographs; are intended only for Galleries, Museums, Books and Private Collections. They all are numbered limited edition private artwork.
  1. Consequently, they DO NOT have any kind of public exposure. So finally, just a few persons are allowed to view this material.
  1. This means that if you are a model your anonymity is guaranteed in all cases. I always work with signed NDA. So, you are legally protected.
  1. Besides, if the project is nude related, I don’t photograph the face of the model and I take care of absolutely every detail allow to identify her.
  1. Regarding the exposure, I don’t upload photo or video derived from my sessions on any social networks. In the same way I don’t share or sale photographs or video derived from my sessions on fan pages, online stores or adult websites.
  1. Please consider that I only photograph women. Transgender models are welcome too.





I always looking for models with beautiful booty. I have many related projects for that matter. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in book an information meeting about Derrière Project.

Please consider that same TFP rules apply.




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