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Welcome to my photography site. I’m much more than a photographer.

I love this work but it does not define me. I’m very creative. Creativity does define me.

Creativity is like fireworks, when detonated in the dark they spread sparkles in all directions. So, light as creativity are unstoppable and has led me along simultaneous but different paths; photography, design, publishing, advertising, drawing, writing…

I’m a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. I’m spiritual and humanist. I’m an activist on climate change, human rights and animal protection. I’m a feminist, and I’m proud of women fight to claim rights. I support the LGBT agenda. I reject racial segregation and discrimination of minorities. I’m progressive. I’m nonpartisan because I have witnessed as much ignorance, vileness, apathy, and dishonesty on the left as on the right. Unfortunately, I know several politicians and -all without exception- they are despicable. I’m ANTIFA.



However, with some weariness; I have to keep an eye on politics. Since I detest the populist left in the same way as the extreme right, I believe in governments regulated in good sense, ethics and intelligence, not in political dogmas. I think there are viable alternatives to avoid voracious materialism where goods can benefit more nations and people. We desperately need work through sustainable development. I think a global population control is urgent. Poverty and so many conflicts are here just because we are many people. Too many.

I reject the brutalizing, divisive and moralistic imposition of the Catholic religion. Historically they have been running a business on fanaticism, ignorance, fear, guilty and hypocrisy. Anything but spirituality. I believe in the urgency of a truly secular education and government. I support the equality to practice all beliefs. I believe in science education as a fundamental pillar of human development. I reject hoaxes and pseudo sciences. Love skeptical behavior. Also, I believe in arts, sport, ethics an ecology as an essential part of the children education.



Of course, I don’t believe in a such thing as a God. And that make it easy, because I realice that my life is in my hands and depends on my choices only. It is a funny thing but I have bigger ethical behavior that many people that believe in “God” but never act consequently.  

I’m a specialist in digital resources and disruptive technologies, so I must warn about the dangerous mutation of our social networks, which went from a communication tool to a dangerous instrument of ignorance, fanaticism and triviality. I am a sports motorcyclist. I like speed. I like convertible cars. I like climbing. I like high risk sports. I enjoy reading, especially science-fiction and poetry. I enjoy documentary cinema. I like to walk through unknown streets on unknown cities. I love music from different genres and decades, but regueton and urban music today is an egregious and disgusting level of contemporary music creation.

My academic training was Social Communication and Digital Marketing (although at some point I studied and resigned from Chemical Engineering). Currently I do Art Photography, eBusiness Consulting, Intimacy Consulting, I design Cafe Racer motorcycles and I am the Curator of an important collection of FC Barcelona cards. Yes, I love football, I enjoy a lot the Spanish league. I’m more than a fan from Barcelona… I am a Culé; Visca Messi !!! Visca Barça !!!






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